" Global PVC and Chemicals Corporation facilitates global commerce through the physical movement and marketing of plastic films, polymers and  related chemicals."

Global PVC and Chemicals Corporation is a company built around global trade. Initially trading  plastic films, Global PVC and Chemicals Corporation  has expanded to trade polymers and related chemicals on a global scale. As part of the growth process, Global PVC and Chemicals  continually seeks new opportunities in the terms of commodities and markets as windows for expansion. Through this process ,Global PVC and Chemicals Corporation has stemmed  various international contacts, connections with a diverse group of organizations within the industry, and distribution networks spreading globally.

What We Do

  • Global plastic films trading
  • Global polymers and related chemicals trading
  • Domestic plastic films, polymers and  related chemicals distribution

Who We Are

Global PVC and Chemicals Corporation  is a Turkey based  company  that has always followed innovations, to discover future customer needs and to provide new products. Global PVC and Chemicals  offers a wide array of products used in various fields including Flexible Packaging, graphic and decoration, the pressure and non-pressure label industry , plastic industry and fixing and mounting solutions in several industries.

Value We Add

Global PVC and Chemicals Corporation's objective is to provide complete customer satisfaction by addressing the main needs of the petrochemical/polymer/plastic and Flexible Packaging industry. We seek to continually provide an added value to the overall supply chain.

The following key factors are Global PVC and Chemicals Corporation's stronghold for providing competitive services and prices.

  • We remain informed by keeping strong relationships with clients (both suppliers and buyers) and staying updated on all transactions
  • We monitor markets and participants, even those with whom we may not do business
  • We maintain a constant awareness of the global markets, which translates to foresight into global trends
  • Many purchases, many sales - Global PVC and Chemicals Corporation has the flexibility to get the product there reliably
  • Large network of suppliers - particular supplier mishaps will not delay your order
  • Flexibility facilitates problem solving - urgent orders can often be accommodated at the last minute