About Us

" Global PVC and Chemicals Corporation facilitates global commerce through the physical movement and marketing of plastic films, polymers and  related chemicals."

Global PVC and Chemicals Corporation is a company built around global trade. Initially trading  plastic films, Global PVC and Chemicals Corporation  has expanded to trade polymers and related chemicals on a global scale. As part of the growth process, Global PVC and Chemicals  continually seeks new opportunities in the terms of commodities and markets as windows for expansion. Through this process ,Global PVC and Chemicals Corporation has stemmed  various international contacts, connections with a diverse group of organizations within the industry, and distribution networks spreading globally.

What We Do

  • Global plastic films trading
  • Global polymers and related chemicals trading
  • Domestic plastic films, polymers and  related chemicals distribution

Who We Are

Global PVC and Chemicals Corporation  is a Turkey based  company  that has always followed innovations, to discover future customer needs and to provide new products. Global PVC and Chemicals  offers a wide array of products used in various fields including Flexible Packaging, graphic and decoration, the pressure and non-pressure label industry , plastic industry and fixing and mounting solutions in several industries.

Value We Add

Global PVC and Chemicals Corporation's objective is to provide complete customer satisfaction by addressing the main needs of the petrochemical/polymer/plastic and Flexible Packaging industry. We seek to continually provide an added value to the overall supply chain.

The following key factors are Global PVC and Chemicals Corporation's stronghold for providing competitive services and prices.

  • We remain informed by keeping strong relationships with clients (both suppliers and buyers) and staying updated on all transactions
  • We monitor markets and participants, even those with whom we may not do business
  • We maintain a constant awareness of the global markets, which translates to foresight into global trends
  • Many purchases, many sales - Global PVC and Chemicals Corporation has the flexibility to get the product there reliably
  • Large network of suppliers - particular supplier mishaps will not delay your order
  • Flexibility facilitates problem solving - urgent orders can often be accommodated at the last minute

History and Growth

Founded in 1995 in Istanbul, Turkey, Global PVC and Chemicals Corporation  has undergone continued growth throughout its relatively short history. Personnel with long-term industry experience have provided the foundation for the company's rise to a prominent position in its operating fields. Company evolution is the result of the commitment by its partners to expand into additional markets and support new product lines and industries.

Today Global PVC and Chemicals Corporation  regularly conducts business with hundreds of  customers and suppliers across 100 countries. The volumes of product sold have continued to increase annually by more than 12% since inception, and now Global PVC and Chemicals Corporation handle hundred thousands of square meters of plastic film materials and again ten thousands of metric tons of polymers. Growth and steady expansion is an intrinsic part of Global PVC and Chemicals Corporation's greater goals, and to accomplish this objective the company relies on its main asset: the human team. We attribute our continued growth and success to our relationship and Human capital is highly valued.

Company Structure

Global PVC and Chemicals Corporation  is a horizontally-structured company. The management of the company is limited to those who are responsible for guiding the overall direction of the business.  Day to day trades and affairs are decided along a very flat, proactive, and agile structure.

In Global PVC and Chemicals Corporation , the vision and direction of the company is shared equally among all employees. This ideology keeps the team motivated with the same goal for growth and progress in mind.

This flatness is evident in the office - our global president sits among the operations and trading team, executives and managers have open doors and are consistently available to the people they oversee, and internal meetings are frequently held in open conference rooms with all degrees of employee sitting in.

In terms of general classification, Global PVC and Chemicals Corporation  personnel fall into one of three categories: Trading, logistic, and accounting and finance.

Purchasing,Sales and Marketing

The Trading team are responsible for maintaining strong relationships with suppliers and buyers, which requires a heavy traveling schedule to meet clients and remain informed on market behavior. They compile their knowledge and information into a constant market analysis which produces the ability to read the dynamics of the product. They can interpret the behavior of the market, identify trends, and meet the needs of the suppliers and buyers with which they work.


This team works side by side with the Trading team. They are the ones who actually execute the deals once agreed upon. Their work consists of coordinating all the parties involved in the transaction to ensure the prompt fullfillment of the trade, arranging and monitoring the transportation of the product, having the product inspected, and organizing all the paperwork necessary for suppliers, receivers, shippers, and customs.

Accounting and Finance

The accounting and financing teams are the backbone of the Trading team, and provide credit analysis on clients, maintain and build on the company's credit lines, compile company progress reports, and handle intracompany logistics.