Specialty BOPP Films

We offer Specialty Films as written and described below. 

Anti-Fog BOPP Film

The anti-fog BOPP film keeps the moisture on the inside as a film of water, therefore providing a transparent film. It spreads the water droplets of products to inner surface of film so it prevents any condensation in the package. Contents of package stay perfect visible in this way

One Side Matt BOPP Film

Specially designed for Board lamination, Labeling, Adhesive Tape with matt finished on one side.

Two Side Mat BOPP Film

Designed For flower(and gift )wrap & decoration with matt finished on two side. This film is one-side treated to accept print or adhesive coating.  It has a long shelf life and is resistant to oils, grease and acid.

Metallized White Cavitated BOPP Film

White Cavitated BOPP film, with one side Metallized for label(roll-fed, cut&stack labelling) and barrier film applications.

One Side Coex BOPP Film

Matt co-extruded BOPP film, one-side treated sealable layer.