Thermoforming Grade Films

This grade of cast nylon film is suitable for forming applications (thermoformable grade). Cast nylon film PA 6 is used, generally in combination with PE or other polymers, for flexible and thermoformable multi-layer films. Thermoformable multi-layer film with PA layer, performs the function of a gas and aroma barrier, and gives the composite thermoforming properties, together with mechanical strength.

This film can be used for deep draw applications.The main areas of application include vacuum packaging of foodstuffs such as meat, sausage and cheese. These films are also coming into increasing use in the non-food area. In the chemicaltechnical field, many interesting applications exist for PA or PA/PE multi-layer films, thanks to their special properties profile, e.g. release film for SMC pre-pregs and roof membranes.
Other application examples include: for vacuum-packed chemicals, inner liners for fibre drums, technical products which must be protected against corrosion and for medical equipment.