PVDC Coated Films

PVDC coated films have high moisture and oxygen barriers, as well as transparent quality that are required in “see-through” food packaging.Commonly known as PVdC, Polyvinylidene chloride is a water-based coating which is generally applied to BOPP films and Polyester films. By the application of this coating, there is an increase in the barrier characteristics of the product which stops the inflow of outside air in the product increasing its shelf life. To maximise the shelf life of the product is the one of the most vital reasons of applying PVdC coated films on the products. PVdc coated films give a high gloss finish to the product.

Some of the products where PVdC coating is used are bakery products, biscuits and cookies packets, milk and dairy products, dried fruits, meat and fresh products, confectioneries and sweets.