Industrial Antioxidant Additives

Protect the polymer from degradation through its entire life.Under the effects of heat, shear stress and mechanical loading in an oxygen environment, plastics and elastomers generally are degraded and age rapidly.

This causes chemical reactions or degradation in the polymer, resulting in a change to the chemical composition and the molecular weight. In addition to the degradation of the mechanical properties, the physical appearance of the polymer is also affected, causing changes in color and loss of gloss.

Antioxidants are used to combat this degradation. They protect the resin from heat aging, extend its lifetime, preserve its appearance from discoloration/yellowing, maintain its strength, stiffness or flexibility.

Antioxidants are added to the polymer formulation during processing to protect the polymer architecture and to prevent discoloration.

Polymer producers, masterbatchers, compounders and converters need Antioxidants for cost-effective solutions, easy to handle, with excellent processing efficiency.

Features & Benefits

Processing Efficiency

  • Less optical defects,
  • Easier and faster processing,
  • Less production downtime,
  • Better aesthetic quality

Long-term stability

  • Efficient long-term stabilizers
  • Extend product lifetime
  • Retain products aesthetics

Operation efficiency

  • Easier and safer product handling
  • Dust-free physical form,
  • Less operating cost,
  • Better performance


  • PE Films
  • BOPP Films
  • Elastomers,tires,latex
  • Engineering plastics
  • Wire and cables
  • Polyols and PURs