1302-High Gloss and Transparency BOPP Film
Coextruded film of outstanding gloss and transparency, not heat- sealable, not treated, designed for wrapping gifts, flowers, non printed bags and other products.
Features & Benefits
  • Excellent Machinability
  • Goog gloss &transparency with love hazy
  • Good printing efect, modified adhesion for lamination with corona-trated
  • Good anchorage with adhesive & Ink


  • Untreated for Biscuit inner runner, Textile & Flower overwrap, release agent
  • One side Corona Treated for Printing & Lamination, Electrical applications, reverse printing, extrusion coating and flower packaging, pressure sensitive adhesive tapes.
  • Both side Corona treated for Printing & Lamination as a component of multilayer laminate and print lamination, carton lamination etc