2106-10,12 Micron, For Printing Application , Chemical PET Film
Transparent Polyester Film with Outside Surface modified with a special Acrylic Coating to accept a wide range of Printing inks and lacquers. Film also has excellent machinability, good clarity, excellent slip and dimensional stability and used for Flexible Packaging Applications.
Features & Benefits
  •  Excellent stiffness
  •  Distinguished clarity
  •  High elongation quality
  •  High tensile strength
  •  High gloss & transparency
  •  Best Suitable for printing, lamination and metallizing etc.
  •  Unequaled mechanical strength
  •  Uniform gauge
  •  Tear-resistant and puncture-resistant characteristics
  •  Excellent dimensional stability over a wide range of temperatures(wider temperature range (-70 to +150°C))
  •  Excellent barrier against a wide range of gases, poor water barrier.


  • Anti-fog packages, lidding films, food packaging, microwave films, retort pouches, boil-in-bag packages, pharmaceutical packaging, medical packaging, cosmetic packaging, antistatic bags.