1306-Plain BOPP Film
Coextruded film designed for lamination with other films. Has low coefficient of friction on vertical and horizontal packaging machines, good moisture barrier, excellent gloss and transparency. Used in laminations for food product packaging such as powdered juice and tape based applications that do not require an external seal.
Features & Benefits
  • Excellent Machinability
  • Goog gloss &transparency with love hazy
  • Good printing efect, modified adhesion for lamination with corona-trated
  • Good anchorage with adhesive & Ink


  • Untreated for Biscuit inner runner, Textile & Flower overwrap, release agent
  • One side Corona Treated for Printing & Lamination, Electrical applications, reverse printing, extrusion coating and flower packaging, pressure sensitive adhesive tapes.
  • Both side Corona treated for Printing & Lamination as a component of multilayer laminate and print lamination, carton lamination etc