Cast Nylon Films

Unoriented Cast Nylon 6 Films are manufactured to customer specifications on wide cast extrusion lines, and can be Monolayer, Coextruded, or   Extrusion Coated to various substrates. We offer multiple widths from 2.5" to 72", and thicknesses from 2-10 mils.

Our Nylon film is produced in natural and various colors. We will perform custom color matches if your application warrants. We engineer our films to meet your specific needs. View our Data Sheets to see if our Nylon Films will work for your application.

Our nylon films are currently used in a variety of markets from flooring, food packaging to Automotive and Construction industries. We can Corona treat the film on one of both sides to enhance the printing capabilities for your application. Why our do our customers choose Nylon 6 over Nylon 6/6? Cast Nylon 6 offers some distinct advantages over Nylon 6/6: often less expensive, high crystalline nature, higher molecular weight, greater modulus, increased solvent resistance, superior hydroscopic characteristics, and better dimension stability.