Biax Nylon Films (BOPA)

Biaxially Oriented Nylon film, also known as BOPA film, is made of polyamide resin, which can be used for a wide range of applications especially where high barrier requirements to gas, fat and transmission of aroma are necessary. High resistance to impact puncture and pin holing. 

BOPA films have special characteristics (tensile strength, burst and abrasion resistance, barrier qualities, gloss, transparency, and printing/laminating qualities) that make them ideal for packaging seafood, pre-cooked meals, greasy and salty foods, frozen/steamed foods, and so on.

BOPA film is also used for medical supplies (e.g. IV bags and sterilized instruments), for metallized designer balloons, and for electronic products. BOPA films are mainly laminated with PE, EVA, PET, CPP, and other materials.